Personality-Based Caregiver Matching

The Helper Bees’ data-driven caregiver-claimant matching services, coupled with our digital invoicing and analytics solution, is no cost to carriers while saving them close to $8,000 per year per claimant – a 19% cost savings vs. traditional agency costs. 

The Helper Bees freely give our Matching + EVV product to our carrier partners at no cost. Why would we do this?  Everyone wins. In partnership, we expand our mission to help adults stay at home longer through our data-driven services. 

Our matching services are covered through claims reimbursement, albeit at a much lower rate than home care agencies, optimizing every dollar for both carrier and claimant. 

By using advanced algorithms to match unique personalities of claimants and families with qualified independent caregivers, The Helper Bees work to keep claimants at home longer.

Guaranteeing a family the same caregiver every single time, and allowing the claimant and family to take part in the caregiver decision, helps to eliminate the revolving door of agency-supplied caregiving and allows for greater potential for a successful positive relationship between the claimant and caregiver.  

The Helper Bees’ platform qualifies caregivers through intense screening and background checks, and only allows top caregivers who are routinely and positively reviewed by claimants to remain on the platform. 

The Helper Bees’ caregivers can assist with all ADLs and iADLs and other social determinants of health.

“With the use of The Helper Bees’ caregiver matching process, and by utilizing technology that will help enhance care information for caregivers, we are able to continue our focused efforts to help our policyholders remain in their home and reduce transitions to facilities.”

– John Palmer, Vice President, Long-Term Care Operations and Claims, CNA

Caregiver matching is NO COST to our carrier partners and includes:

$0 cost home-based EVV

Algorithmic personality-based caregiver matching

Intense screening and background checks of caregivers

Real carrier cost savings per claimant - up to $8,000 per claimant

Contact us today to start saving and keep your claimants @home longer.