Digital Assessments - Prior to Claim, On-Claim and On-Demand

In the wake of an unprecedented global pandemic, The Helper Bees accelerated development and implementation of an innovative, digital, paperless assessment tool. 

This tool uniquely determines a real-time plan-of-care for each claimant, leveraging proprietary machine learning models that characterize 85% of the entire assessment dataset during each assessment. 

With input from the carrier, this data model allows for automatic generation of plan of care and eligibility determination.  Its seamless workflow integration, unprecedented data analytics and automation capabilities, and immediate determination of care eligibility save carriers time and money.

The tool combined with The Helper Bees’ Dimensions team having 26+ years of experience and more than 1,000 nurses nationwide, covers all carrier assessment needs:

Capability to immediately determine care eligibility and plan of care via machine learning models

Reduces average cost per assessment by 30%

Minimizes risk of exposure to infectious disease

Reinforces data security via digital integrity

Accelerates turn-around time with ease of virtual scheduling

Increases convenience for the claimant and/or family

“Your virtual assessments are better than our previous in-person assessments.”

– Senior Claims Manager, Top 3 Largest LTC Claims Block

We reduce carrier costs with efficient, reliable, digital assessments conducted nationwide by tenured nurses.

Even when the world returns to in-person professional interactions, our industry-leading digital solution will remain as the preferred, secure, convenient one.

Contact us today to start saving and keep your claimants @home longer.