Fully Digital Nurse Assessments

Industry-leading fully digital nurse assessments allow for unprecedented data analytics and automation capabilities. Capture assessment data on policyholders prior to claim, on-claim and on-demand.

The Power of Virtual Assessments

In the wake of an unprecedented global crisis, The Helper Bees has accelerated the implementation process for their virtual assessment tool.

This easy to use tool integrates seamlessly within current workflows, while providing a zero infection risk method for assessments. This allows for pivotal claims processes to continue to operate while giving claimants the much needed guidance they need during these trying times.

How The Helper Bees Are Helping with COVID19 Crisis

Multiple Media Types

Multiple technology options depending on claimant demand, means valuable and reliable information is captured easily.

Risk Reduction

Minimize the probability of exposure to infectious disease associated with Coronavirus or other infectious diseases.

Faster Turn-around

Due to the ease of scheduling versus a face to face encounter.

Lower Price

Due to reducing costs (including travel) and a more concise assessment, the virtual assessments will be at a lower price per unit.


Increased convenience for the care recipient and/or their family.

Consistent Quality

For the virtual assessment, the nurse does have a visual on the care recipient for demonstrations needed in cognitive screening and activities and motor skill demonstrations

RNs Nationally

Years in the Industry

Days Turnaround

“It was one of those crazy assessments with lots of circumstances that would have been crazy on paper but was easier on the app!”
- Carol

Field Nurse

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