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Thoughts on new Alzheimer’s Research from our CEO

I heard this article on the radio and wanted to share my thoughts and point out the significance. Identifying the disease through biological changes to the brain, rather than symptoms matters a great deal to the scientific community and our data sets.

Are We Developing Solutions For The Future Us

Are We Developing Solutions For The Future Us

CEO and co-founder Char Hu of The Helper Bees speaks on aging technology at #SXSW’18. Upon receiving the SXSW Community Award, Char shares that we should be “building solutions that enhance the [invigorating] aspects of life.” He asks, “are we developing solutions...

The Helper Bees CEO In the Spotlight @ SXSW

In The Spotlight: The Helper Bees are excited to announce that our CEO and co-founder Char Hu will be honored with this year’s SXSW Community Award. Char is being recognized for his “outstanding commitment to community service work that helps bridge the digital...

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