From long-term care insurers to workers comp to employee benefit programs, we partner with enterprise groups to deliver caregiver services and digital claims solutions.

How It Works


We learn about your unique business needs and recommend an initial pilot to test an engagement


We work with your contracts and procurement folks to coordinate scope of work and pass security audits (don’t worry we’ve done this part before!) 


We coordinate a feedback and reporting schedule to provide live reporting and discussion on the success metrics we’ve identified for the pilot 

Good News!

We only need a 1 month lead time for most of our projects! Our products are ready and live now!


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Cost Savings

Our care delivery model saved carriers 21% on home care reimbursement costs compared to agency based claims.


Data Science

Our data insights helped a carrier increase their claim closure rate by 2x. We’ve designed an industry-first analytics platform that leverages visualization tools to show claims, fraud, SIU/BIU, nurses and care management teams trends in severity of care, utilization of service, and suspicious activity.


Actions Backed By Data

Our Care Management program takes data insights to the next level by delivering targeted actions to improve the outcomes of home based care for the insurer and customer. 

Hear What Our People Are Saying

Thank you for your support, resources and working with me throughout this process from beginning to end with me. Your amazing and thoughtful all the way, I’m looking forward to working together!”

- Agency

“The onboarding process has been really easy. The technical side of the application was easy to follow at every step…”

- Caregiver Applicant

“Helper Bees has always been so easy and awesome, and I love the app.”

- Point of Contact

“I got the mailer, beautiful yellow envelope. I thought that was very nice. I plan on using the app, it’s a whole lot nicer than dealing with paper.”

- Point of Contact

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