Digital Home Care Invoicing

When compared to industry existing technologies, The Helper Bees’ homecare EVV solution has advanced fraud detection and GPS capture throughout the entire visit, (not only at the beginning and end).

The Helper Hive

Simple, smart, snazzy. It’s a health care app that doesn’t look or act like one. The Helper Hive app makes it easy to track your visits and see everything in one place.

Home Care Invoicing – How it Works

GPS Fraud Analytics for Home Care

GPS fraud analytics for home care description content

Multi-platform Solution

Multi-platform description

Standardized Formatting

Standardized formatting content

Itemized Billing Charges

Itemized billing charges content

Digital Time Submission

Digital time submission content

Industry Leading Analytics

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Reduce Not In Good Order (NIGO) invoices to Zero

The # of claims closed due to inactivity


Reduction of duplicated invoices

Digital Facility Invoicing

Our solution digitizes facility invoices too, with no limitations. This means standardized formatting, with all charges itemized automatically. Coupled with real-time access to your data, makes our digital invoicing solution the most comprehensive on the market.

It’s a whole new world, it’s just too cool. I think I can do this! You were such a great help, I’m a little hard to train and I feel good about this.”
– Facility Business Office Manager

Facility Invoicing – How It Works


Adoption Rate

Immediate identification of ineligible claimants based on needs assessment.

Immediate notification on absences from facility.


Digitized Data for Export

Overpayment Protection (reduce or eliminate pre-billing)

Itemized Charges (care, room and board, extras)

ADL Care Needs Insight

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