Digital Facility Invoicing

It’s a whole new world, it’s just too cool. I think I can do this! You were such a great help, I’m a little hard to train and I feel good about this.”
– Facility Business Office Manager

How It Works

Standardized Invoices

Standardized all home based invoices
through THB’s multiple platform solution
for ALL home care types: agency,
informal and independent caregivers.
Gather visit time, ADL/iADLs and
visit notes to streamline claims pressing
through error reduction.

Features of Digital Facility Invoicing

Itemized Facility Charges

Gather Level of Care Information

Eliminate Manual Staff Data Entry

Standardized Typed Invoices

Digital Data Available for Automation

Increase Compliance by Facility

Need a Partner?

From long-term care insurers to workers comp to employee benefit programs, we partner with enterprise groups to deliver caregiver services and digital claims solutions..