Meet your claimants where they want with the ability to initiate and check the status of a claim digitally

The central hub for all your claimants needs.

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Claimants can file and check the status of a claim from anywhere in the world. At any time.

Claimant Portal

The industry’s first standalone online claimant portal. Dramatically reduce call volume, improve customer experience and satisfaction by increasing self-service capabilities. Our portal works with existing administration system as a bolt-on, making implementation a breeze.

The Epicenter of Claims

A central place for claimants to view historical claims and check on the status of pending claims. When used with The Helper Bees’ digital invoices, claimants can also request real-time changes to invoices prior to submission. Claimant can sign and request changes on a claim. This improves scalability of claims operations by increasing self-service capabilities.

Marketing Engine

Claimant portal is also an opportunity to re-engage with relevant content using similar tools and messaging from pre-claims interactions to guide your offerings based on this claimant’s demographic and interests.

Wellness section provides relevant content and messaging based on a claimant’s demographic and interests

Wellness Portal – 1

Digital Intake Form

Meet your claimants where they want with the ability to file a claim digitally. The Helper Bees digital intake form can be a standalone product used independent of the claimant portal if desired. 

Segment your incoming claims by risk

Run custom reports in real-time, with the goal of segmenting incoming claims into different workflows depending on risk and care type. Digital intake significantly improves claims operations scalability by reducing headcount and call volume via the innate self-service capabilities.


This means each claimant can be placed on a different workflow depending on their needs. So, a long-term skilled nursing claim is treated differently from a recoverable condition.

Combine the Claimant Portal with other products

The Helper Bees’ Claimant Portal can be combined with our other products, including digital benefit eligibility assessments and active case management. This creates a highly modular system to expand on the digital footprint of a carrier.

Claims Application 5 – 1


  • This is Good

    This is Good

    “I was in the habit of jotting things down on paper, creating a PDF, and sending it off. It was a whole system, so this is good."

    Point of Contact
  • Bee

    “Ok perfect. Well I will tear your fax cover sheet up then. I really think this is a wonderful way of doing it.

    Agency for J. Simpson
  • I like this app!

    I like this app!

    “It’s nice that I don’t have to do the paper anymore, I like this app.”

  • Bee

    “You are the first person that has given me good news in two week,  bless you for this. You are going straight to heaven, I know you will because you are a good person. I didn’t know there was any care left in healthcare. Thank you!”

    Point of Contact
  • Bee

    “Helen and Kayla, I don’t know what I would do without the two of them. Especially Helen… We’re already into her third year with us and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her."

    Matching Customer
  • Bee

    “Misha is the best, most excellent helper that I have ever had. Thank you for sending her to me!!” 

    Matching Customer B. Johnston

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The Helper Bees helps large long-term care insurance carriers with their digital transformation. For the first time, we help carriers eliminate the inefficiency and annoyance of paper processing. Through a variety of tools spanning eligibility, intake, claims and data analysis, we assist carriers with improving their customer service experience. Every product is designed to be implemented seamlessly with existing claims processes, whether accomplished in-house or via a TPA. The benefit of THB’s technology is incredible cost savings, as evident by the $0 home-based electronic visit verification products. Additionally, we are working on the next generation of claims tools with industry-leading data analytics and machine learning processes, which gives carriers unprecedented insight into the behavior of their claims block.