Case Management Analytics

Drive decision making for aging-in-place interventions

The only company to prove robust data analytics + active case management for high risk claimants.


Robust data analysis to identify recurring trends among high risk claimants. This analysis informs targeted interventions to help reimbursed costs while improve outcomes.

Multiple Layers of Touchpoint



Claims Segmentation

Diagnosis, Spousal indicator, Age, Intake, Phone surveys, Digital BEA, Digital invoice + Partnership with Robert Eaton of Milliman


Case/Care Management

Personalized on-demand guidance for high-risk cases. Care Manager assigned to each claimant


Tailored Plan of Care Executed

Content Emails, Phone Calls, Mailers with Content, Tech Interventions, DME, Community Resources, In-home Visits



Provide policyholders resources necessary to successfully age in place rather than transition to facility.


Every active claimant’s case to be managed by trained registered nurse (RN).


Claims segmentation by diagnosis and risk class.


RN staff to recommend interventions and services to encourage aging-in-place.


Provide education on benefit preservation early in the claim.


Accessing data on claimants needs, behaviors and conditions from the home is available digitally and at scale to enterprise-level clients.


The data our helpers return is used to promote intelligent interventions and triggers real-time actions by our partners.

Nationwide Network of Nurses

Our nationwide network of nurses are trained professionals who assess a potential claimant’s:  home conditions, care level and care support network

Nurse giving senior man prescription drugs

Enhance ANY EVV with no migration of vendors

Level of care provided in the home gives clear indicators as to when interventions should be proposed.

In this example, fall prevention monitors would be ideal in order to increase wellness and decrease time on claims.


Drive decision making for aging-in-place interventions

Our automated alerts provide case management and claims teams withactionable insights into claimants who are improving or worsening. This enables meaningful conversations around care and helps to make decision making around aging-in-place interventions.

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The Helper Bees helps large long-term care insurance carriers with their digital transformation. For the first time, we help carriers eliminate the inefficiency and annoyance of paper processing. Through a variety of tools spanning eligibility, intake, claims and data analysis, we assist carriers with improving their customer service experience. Every product is designed to be implemented seamlessly with existing claims processes, whether accomplished in-house or via a TPA. The benefit of THB’s technology is incredible cost savings, as evident by the $0 home-based electronic visit verification products. Additionally, we are working on the next generation of claims tools with industry-leading data analytics and machine learning processes, which gives carriers unprecedented insight into the behavior of their claims block.