Assessments Developed By Nurses for Nurses

A fully digital Benefit Eligibility Assessment.

A completely digital benefit eligibility assessment to further improve our industry leading customer service and review process.

All digital BEA

Our nationwide network of nurses are trained professionals who assess a potential claimant’s: home conditions, care level and care support network

Nurses use our HIPAA-compliant application that turns a 40 page document into a smart form


Here's How We Do It


Thousands of RNs nationwide

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years in the industry


The most competitive pricing

Screen Shot 2019 10 09 at 3.04.32 PM

day turnaround time

We deliver best-in-class onsite assessments and medical records for insurers


  • HIPAA compliant
  • Section 508 compliant
  • Submission in multiple file formats (PDF, RTF, CSV, etc.)

No Hidden Fees

  • Sophisticated data encryption
  • Electronic signature
  • GPS and image capture


  • $0 complete customization at no extra charge
  • $0 No penalties for cancellations
  • 0 No minimum order requests
  • $0 Expedited service available at no additional cost (average turnaround time 7 days)


  • Instant data feed
  • File uploads tagged with applicationResponsive forms built for mobile and desktop

Medical Records Gathering

Cost-effective gathering of a variety of medical records for underwriting and claims determination. Our comprehensive service routinely is ranked above the industry standard for the breadth of records that we capture for each policyholder.

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The Helper Bees helps large long-term care insurance carriers with their digital transformation. For the first time, we help carriers eliminate the inefficiency and annoyance of paper processing. Through a variety of tools spanning eligibility, intake, claims and data analysis, we assist carriers with improving their customer service experience. Every product is designed to be implemented seamlessly with existing claims processes, whether accomplished in-house or via a TPA. The benefit of THB’s technology is incredible cost savings, as evident by the $0 home-based electronic visit verification products. Additionally, we are working on the next generation of claims tools with industry-leading data analytics and machine learning processes, which gives carriers unprecedented insight into the behavior of their claims block.