Assessments Developed
By Nurses for Nurses

A fully digital Benefit Eligibility Assessment


We deliver best-in-class onsite assessments and
medical records for insurers.

Here's How We Do It

Thousands of RNs  nationwide

Thousands of RNs nationwide

years in the industry

years in the industry

The most  competitive pricing

The most competitive pricing

day turnaround time

day turnaround time

Improve quality, security, and speed by going 100% digital


• HIPAA compliant

• Section 508 compliant

• Submission in multiple file formats (PDF, RTF, CSV, etc.)

No Hidden Fees

• Sophisticated data encryption

• Electronic signature

• GPS and image capture


• $0 complete customization at no extra charge

• $0 No penalties for cancellations

• 0 No minimum order requests

• $0 Expedited service available at no additional cost (average turnaround time 7 days)


• Instant data feed

• File uploads tagged with application

• Responsive forms built for mobile and desktop

Our Customers



  • This is Good

    This is Good

    “I was in the habit of jotting things down on paper, creating a PDF, and sending it off. It was a whole system, so this is good."

    Point of Contact
  • Bee

    “Ok perfect. Well I will tear your fax cover sheet up then. I really think this is a wonderful way of doing it.

    Agency for J. Simpson
  • I like this app!

    I like this app!

    “It’s nice that I don’t have to do the paper anymore, I like this app.”

  • Bee

    “You are the first person that has given me good news in two week,  bless you for this. You are going straight to heaven, I know you will because you are a good person. I didn’t know there was any care left in healthcare. Thank you!”

    Point of Contact
  • Bee

    “Helen and Kayla, I don’t know what I would do without the two of them. Especially Helen… We’re already into her third year with us and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her."

    Matching Customer
  • Bee

    “Misha is the best, most excellent helper that I have ever had. Thank you for sending her to me!!” 

    Matching Customer B. Johnston