Actionable Data is the DNA across The Helper Bees' products and presence.

Underlying the success of each of The Helper Bees’ products is our ability to leverage technology to harness and interpret data on claimants’ needs, behaviors and conditions to keep claimants at home longer and to significantly reduce costs for our carrier partners.

Home-based Digital Invoicing

The Helper Bees’ state-of-the-art visualization platform can be used with any Electronic Visit Verification vendor’s data.  Even without migrating EVV vendors, our dashboards dramatically simplify data analysis, empowering our carrier partners, caregivers and claimants and their families towards intelligent interventions and real-time actions to delay institutionalization and reduce overall healthcare costs.

“With the use of The Helper Bees’ caregiver matching process, and by utilizing technology that will help enhance care information for caregivers, we are able to continue our focused efforts to help our policyholders remain in their home and reduce transitions to facilities.”

– John Palmer, Vice President, Long-Term Care Operations and Claims, CNA

Care Concierge

We provide our partners with the technology and team to lower carrier costs and keep claimants @home.  And if our products & services don’t quite yet fit your needs, we’ll partner to build them together with you to move your concept to reality.

Contact us today to start saving and keep your claimants @home longer.