Data Analysis & Analytics

Accessing data on claimants needs, behaviors and conditions from the home is available digitally and at scale to enterprise-level clients. Our state-of-the-art visualization platform dramatically simplifies the analysis of both assessments and electronic visit verification (EVV) data. All without migrating EVV vendors.

Intelligent & Actionable Data

The data our helpers return is used to promote intelligent interventions and triggers real-time actions by our partners.

There is a wealth of information in home care visit notes. THB’s mobile app gathers 15 different data points for every visit that occurs digitally. Our analysis engine then takes this information and creates custom reporting and alerts to monitor claim behavior, fraud detection, and trends so that claims populations can be stratified based on risk.

Our industry-leading data visualization platform can be used with any Electronic Visit Verification vendor’s data. This immediately makes static EVV data more valuable to carriers.

Drive decision making for aging-in-place interventions

Our automated alerts provide case management and claims teams with actionable insights into claimants who are improving or worsening. This enables meaningful conversations around care and helps to make decision making around aging-in-place interventions.

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From long-term care insurers to workers comp to employee benefit programs, we partner with enterprise groups to deliver caregiver services and digital claims solutions..

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