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As founders of both long-term care service and software development companies, we bring the ideal mix of claimant understanding and cutting edge tech creation. Our goal is to create transformative experiences for claimants and their family, both through technology and in the home.

Our Founders


Char Hu, PhD


Eric Corum





Danny Lynch




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The Helper Bees helps large long-term care insurance carriers with their digital transformation. For the first time, we help carriers eliminate the inefficiency and annoyance of paper processing. Through a variety of tools spanning eligibility, intake, claims and data analysis, we assist carriers with improving their customer service experience. Every product is designed to be implemented seamlessly with existing claims processes, whether accomplished in-house or via a TPA. The benefit of THB’s technology is incredible cost savings, as evident by the $0 home-based electronic visit verification products. Additionally, we are working on the next generation of claims tools with industry-leading data analytics and machine learning processes, which gives carriers unprecedented insight into the behavior of their claims block.